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Most Meetings are a Waste of Time and Money
Just consider the cost of getting people together, away from their normal responsibilities. And if you have to rent a meeting room or pay for travel expenses and food, you can be talking about several thousand dollars.

Most Meetings are Boring
As a professional speaker and trainer for two decades, I've attended many meetings where I've sat in the back of the room waiting for my turn to present. Some of these meetings were wonderful, but most were rather boring and ineffective. You could often see people secretly checking their Blackberrys and doing whatever they could to stay awake and look interested.

There Had to Be a Better Way
Frankly, I got tired of seeing my own clients wasting their companies' time and money with ho-hum meetings and decided to do something about it.

I Conducted an Experiment
I compiled my very best team building games, icebreakers and techniques for conducting incredibly productive meetings (the ones I had been using with great success as a professional speaker and trainer) and gave them to my clients to see if they, without any professional training, could get the same results I got with my groups.

Some People Were Skeptical
At first some of my clients thought the ideas were silly and didn't want to try them. Some didn't recognize the value of a meeting icebreaker or game. Others thought the ideas were too simple. Isn't it amazing how some people don't value something unless it's complicated? I urged them to trust me and try one or two of the icebreakers, games and meeting tools and see what happened.

The Proof Was in the Pudding
Boy, were they ever surprised. The changes in their meetings was immediate and measurable. Their evaluation scores shot up on their evaluation forms. And for those that didn't use meeting evaluation forms, the praise they heard from the participants was all they needed to keep using the icebreakers, team building games and meeting tools.

Now You Can Do It, Too
More and more people asked me for the team building games and meeting tools that I had given to my clients. To make things easy for everyone, I put them into a couple instant download "PDF" ebooks with fool-proof step-by-step instructions (I used to say "idiot-proof" but my assistant Ellen said that wasn't very nice). Either way, if you follow the simple instructions, you can't mess this up and you'll look like a pro the very first time.

If you'd like a copy of my 12 best team building games, meeting icebreakers, and tons of tips, tools and techniques for conducting highly productive meetings, go to my team building games and meeting ideas page now.

Let's put an end to boring meeting forever!

Best wishes,


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